Printable PDFs of Pocket-sized Picture Me Reading Cards

224 Printable PDFs of Pocket-sized Picture Me Reading Cards

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224 pages of Pocket-sized Picture Me Reading Dolch Sight Word Cards to send home with students.

You no longer need to buy a full box of cards for each student if you want to send words home for homework. Every teacher will recognize the advantage of sending sight words home with children, but a full set of cards for every student is costly. We at Picture Me Reading are delighted to announce that you can now purchase PDFs of the Pocket-sized (4.25" x 2") Dolch Sight Word Cards to print, double sided, on card stock and send home for daily practice at a fraction of the cost of buying a full set for each student. Children love taking Picture Me Reading cards home after they have first been introduced in class. They collect them like baseball cards, showing off their newly acquired reading skills to their parents, siblings and friends. Some children have even taught other family members to read using PMR cards at home. This is homework that your students will actually be excited to do! Each PDF comes with 10 of the same word so that you can print out enough for your whole class or small group. When a child is confident reading the words with the pictograph side of each card, then cards can be sent home to practice with family. You will see your students’ confidence grow and mastery of these very important sight words will be far quicker. Because you can print the words as you need them, you will save valuable storage space. These cards are also handy for use in games in your classroom. The price of $200 covers PDF use by you and others in your school. If you are purchasing for multiple schools or a school district, please contact us for special district pricing. ***Signed license agreement required before digital delivery.