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Old Logo/Old Edition Picture Me Reading Dolch Sight Word Riddles

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OLD LOGO/OLD EDITION, selling on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis, until they sell out!

What child doesn’t love riddles, especially sharing riddles that they have already worked out?

Picture Me Reading Sight Word Riddles is an engaging and efficient way to introduce the Dolch sight words to your beginning readers, in conjunction with Picture Me Reading Sight Word Cards.

These 23 riddles are made up of primarily Dolch words. Learning words this way instantly encourages comprehension of reading materials, as well as word recognition. The words HAVE to be read with comprehension in order to solve each riddle.

Our book contains a photocopiable booklet of riddles for the children to illustrate and take home to share with family and friends, showing off their reading proficiency and building confidence in their own ability to learn to read.