Make Your Own Pictographs

Make Your Own Pictographs

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Nouns are not included in the Dolch word list. Therefore, for learners who need visual reminders for all words, Make Your Own Pictographs will help you and your pupils make word pictographs for words not included in the Picture Me Reading word cards.

You don't need to be a gifted artist to make an effective pictograph. This book will show you how to use the shapes of the letters in the word to suggest a picture which will provide a visual clue for that word. When the picture is gone a visual learner will still "see" the picture and be able to read the word. Some children will take great pride in coming up with their own "word pictures", or in making suggestions for you to draw.

Make Your Own Pictographs includes 140 witty photocopiable pictograph examples for toys, animals, clothing, food, weather and science words, environmental objects, and common words associated with holidays, which you may print out for your students. For words that we have not included, this book will get you and your students started making your own.

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