Old Logo/Old Edition All of Your Students Can Read

Old Logo/Old Edition All of Your Students Can Read

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Old Logo Item

OLD LOGO/OLD EDITION, selling on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis, until they sell out!

Are you looking for ideas to make literacy the highlight of your students’ day? All of Your Students Can Read, 36 Games and Activities to Make Sight Word Learning Fun can help.

We have adapted games that are familiar to you and your children, such as "Doggie, Doggie, Who Has Your Bone;" or "Concentration," or you might like to try some new ones, such as "Deep Sea Diver" or "Word Bank."

Full instructions are provided for each game and activity, making it possible to adapt to all ability levels and group sizes, to use with Picture Me Reading Sight Word Cards, for practice and reinforcement of the Dolch high frequency words. We’ve included games that help build phonic decoding skills, as well.

This edition includes a large appendix of photocopiable resources, invaluable to teachers and parents using Picture Me Reading cards. It has our old logo, and the newest edition has some corrections, but it is virtually the same.

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