Picture Me Counting PDFs for visual learners

Picture Me Counting: Number Recognition/Formation Cards - 0 – 10

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Highly visual learners tend to struggle with numeral recognition and formation.

Did you ever notice how similar in appearance 6 and 9 are? How similar they are to b, d, p and q, as well? So confusing! Number recognition is not the only problem for these children, number formation also presents a real challenge.

We are happy to introduce our PMR Picture Me Counting: Number Recognition/Formation Cards - 0 – 10. These cards were developed specifically with visual learners in mind. They provide your children with a visual clue to help them remember the shape and direction of the numerals, and a verbal cue to help them form each numeral properly.
The price of $12.00 covers PDF use by you and others in your school. If you are purchasing for multiple schools or a school district, please contact us for special district pricing.
*** Signed license agreement required before digital delivery.

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